Start or be part of a new Local Group

Start or be part of a new Local Group

Is there a local EWB-SWE group yet in your city or university? 

If not, and you're interested in making this a possibility, provide your application here and we will get back to you on how to take this further. With different applications coming in we might be able to match you up with others interested as well. 

Whether you're interested in leading the group, get started with a group of friends/colleagues or you're especially interested in a specific thematic area, let us know and we'll do our best to guide you in the process. 

If you're not aware yet of our different thematic areas; Inspire Youth, Engineer to Engineer, The Reflecting Engineer or International Projects, you can start also by reading more about it on our website: What We Do - EWB Sweden

What is a local group?
A local group consists of volunteers located in proximity of each other that work together in making a more sustainable and equal society. As such, every local group is different. Some local groups are involved in all parts of EWB's thematic areas whilst others focus on one or two. Some include working professionals whilst some primarily include students. Either way, all local groups are assisted by members of the board for their respective thematic areas and all are part of the EWB-community. 

As such, we aspire to more and more integrate working-professionals and students; putting together a national network of like-minded engineers working together. 

Currently there are nine student groups and four working-professional groups across the country. 

What is required to start a local group with professionals and/or students?  
A local group usually consists of a group leader and committee members for the different thematic areas the group is involved in. Beyond that, local groups over time usually involve supporting positions such as PR, HR etc. In order to start a local group  it is suggested to start by appointing a group-leader and target efforts to get started within one of EWBs thematic area. There will be initial guidance and support available from a board member(s) and other local groups, though there's still room for innovation and creativity. 

A tip is to not be intimidated by titles or get stressed by the prospect of recruiting a full-fledged committee, rather focus on activities you believe in and making them come to life. Assuming of course that these are aligned with the values and guidelines of the organisation, which will be provided at the beginning of your volunteering journey. 

If coming up with new ideas, events and activities feels daunting there is also a long track-record of different initiatives among other groups that can be a great inspiration to get things started. As well as a close connection to many different partner companies which local groups have conducted successful activities with earlier. 

Why Should I do it? 

  • Personal and Professional Development;
  • Involvement in meaningful work domestically and/or internationally;
  • Becoming part of a humanitarian engineering community;
  • Meet new people; and
  • Be inspired and open up new horizons. 

As such, it's up to you how much time and effort you put into the volunteering commitment. EWB's work is carried to a very large extent by volunteers and work-life balance is important to all of us, but it's an exciting journey where the time and energy we invest not only comes back to us with personal fulfilment but contributes to a more sustainable and equal world. 

Our mission statement is that through humanitarian engineering, we engage, inspire and unite people to build a sustainable future. 

We invite you to be part of it and look forward to hearing from you. 


Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


  • Volunteer

    We have a passionate and experienced volunteer network of professionals and students who help make a difference and influence our work. Explore our volunteer opportunities and see how you can contribute with your range of skills, experience and knowledge directly into our activities. There is no requirement for an engineering degree, everyone is needed, and all are welcome.

  • Be part of inspiring children

    Sweden currently has a shortage of engineers, a profession that historically has been a very homogenous group. Because of this, EWB-SWE inform and inspire children to seek an education in engineering or technology. This is accomplished by assisting students with their studies, acting as role-models, and showing a non-conventional perspective on science, technology and engineering.

  • Personal development

    Develop your leadership and technology skills by participating in the seminars and activities we organize.

  • Be part of our network

    By getting involved, you become part of an extensive network of talented people. We are not just engineers - everyone is needed, and everyone is welcome! We are located all over Sweden with our groups in 8 different cities.

EWB-SWE's network

We have a passionate and experienced volunteer network of professionals and students who help make a difference and influence our work. We are engineers, architects, scientists, educators, healthcare professionals, administrators and many others. 
You can be active in projects, in the business or passive support. We collaborate with technical colleges and universities, with organizations and the business community.

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