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My name is Domenique Silverstolpe and I am the new group leader of EWB KTH. I am very much looking forward to lead the new amazing team through the academic year of 19/20!

This fall I will proceed my third and final year of my Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. Therefore I thought it was time to give something back.

My interest in Chemical Engineering lies in the analytical part of it; I find both mathematics as well as chemical laboratory work very intriguing. Application wise I think both environmental science and alternative materials are two very interesting fields in chemistry.

This summer I will spend my time spend as a lab assistant at GE Healthcare in Uppsala. Outside the lab I like to travel, hike, ski, dive and dance.

Why did you choose to get involved with EWB?

I wanted to join the team of EWB KTH because it appeared to be a very rewarding experience, full of opportunities.

Now, once I have met the team, I have found out that it is an incredible group of people which I am really looking forward to work with.

The reason why I choose EWB over any other student organization is the vision behind the movement. I think it is very inspiring to be a part of an organization which deals with both national and international projects to address challenges associated with the Sustainable Development Goals. The fact that this can be done with the help of the science of engineering gives me further meaning to my studies.

What is it like being part of EWB KTH?

It feels great to be a part of a motivated and inspired team which wants to come together to accomplish something. I think EWB KTH has already had a lot of great accomplishments in the past and I think that the outcome of this year will be no less.

I expect things to be challenging and busy at times, but I would like to be able to look back at my experience with EWB and feel proud of what we did together.

What does the Group Leader do?

As the Group Leader, I have amazing opportunities to meet a rich network of students and professional engineers throughout Sweden and abroad, as well as to gain the invaluable experience of leading a medium-sized organisation.

The group at KTH consists of around 50 active members, and works primarily with International Projects, Inspire Youth programs in Stockholm to help encourage young people into engineering and technology, and campus events to inspire and broaden KTH students’ perspective on engineering.

The role implies for sure dedication and time, but I feel passion driven in doing this, so then it does not feel heavy at all. The main responsibilities are:

  • Leading the organisation according to the framework set out by Engineers Without Borders Sweden
  • Making key decisions about the direction of the organisation
  • Being the main point of contact between the local Engineers Without Borders group and the national organisation
  • Ensuring that the group provides for its members, and that the membership is maintained and ideally grows
  • Overseeing all activities on campus
  • Chairing weekly meetings, and delegating responsibilities within the Management Team

Some of my colleagues

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  • Albin Thureson
  • Alexandra Josefsson
  • Anders Ljungman
  • Aravind S Kumar
  • Axel Eriksson
  • Aynur Toygur
  • Björn Israelsson
  • Caroline Bastholm
  • Daniel Nilsson
  • Dejan Reluskovski

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