My name is Nico Albrecht, and I am the Group Leader at EWB KTH. I studied and worked in the aerospace industry in Germany, now pursuing my Master’s degree in Production Engineering and Management at KTH.

Why did you choose to get involved with EWB?

As engineers in education, we are far away from the industrial world from time to time and sometimes even further away from real life in other parts of the world. What we often do not see is that with our knowledge, we can contribute to something great and create something good in the world, something that matters. That’s what EWB is about to me. By working in a team of fascinating and inspiring people, it is an incredibly enriching experience, I had the great opportunity to gain in Germany and now here at KTH. 

What does the Group Leader do?

The group leader tasks tend to vary depending on current projects and initiatives in the organization. In general, the group leader defines, draws, discusses and deploys strategy elements beyond operational business together with the Vice, and the entire team. Also, the job includes providing everything that is required, so all the work activities can be carried out. Thirdly, this position holds a representative obligation towards the national board, other local chapters and external stakeholders.

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