Hi! My name is Josefin Danielsson and I am Head of The Reflective Engineer. I am studying my second year of engineering towards design and product realisation here at KTH. I have been involved in Engineers Without Borders for one year as a member of the team The Reflective Engineer before I joined the management team as Head of the team in June 2018. Aside from being involved in EWB, I am a group leader at Moment (the career fair for the Mechanical Chapter), a member of the Study Committee and photographer/filmmaker at Jubelspexet. When I am not at KTH, I love being outdoors hiking, biking, kayaking and practicing the material art Aikido. As a person, I love trying new things and I never hesitate to go on an adventure!

Why did you choose to get involved with EWB?

I want to engineer a better world! I heard about EWB for the first time in 2016 and I felt directly that this was an organisation that I wanted to be part of. Engineering is a field that has a huge impact on the society and engineers tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. For me, it is important to be involved in projects where I can contribute and make a difference. I also want to inspire others to see the importance of reflecting around the impact our actions as engineers can have on societies, environment and people’s lives. EWB works with humanitarian engineering and sustainability, which I am very passionate about and it is amazing to get the opportunity to work with this by being involved in the organisation!

What does team Reflective Engineer do?

Our aim in The Reflective Engineer is to broaden the students’ perspectives and to encourage reflection on the role and responsibilities we have as engineers, linked to the sustainable development goals. Our main event for the year is the DRI-week in February 2019, when we offer students the possibility to join lunch lectures and workshops with companies and organisations. The main purpose of The Reflective Engineer is to create discussions and reflections related to engineering, sustainability and ethical issues. We are currently looking for more members to join the DRI-team! Do you want to brainstorm new ideas, organise events together with amazing people and get in contact with organisations that works with sustainability? If that is the case, then this is the perfect group for you to get involved in! You can read more about the roles and apply here.

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