Internal Organization


EWB-SWE's work is planned and carried out by volunteers and members. We are located all over Sweden with our local and student groups in 8 different cities and at 7 different universities. The local groups consist mainly of professionals and the student groups of students. In each city where there is a local or student group, there is a local management group with a local chairman.

Nationally, the association is coordinated by EWB-SWE's steering group, which includes representatives from the local management groups, as well as those responsible for the various main activities. The steering group is elected by the association and meets at least twice a month.

The student groups recruit regularly once a year, while the local groups recruit when needed. The roles that exist in most management groups are chairman, finance manager, PR and communications manager, finance manager, project coordinator, inspiration manager and responsible for The Reflective Engineer.

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EWB-SWE's network

We have a passionate and experienced volunteer network of professionals and students who help make a difference and influence our work. We are engineers, architects, scientists, educators, healthcare professionals, administrators and many others. 
You can be active in projects, in the business or passive support. We collaborate with technical colleges and universities, with organizations and the business community.


  • Volunteer

    We have a passionate and experienced volunteer network of professionals and students who help make a difference and influence our work. Explore our volunteer opportunities and see how you can contribute with your range of skills, experience and knowledge directly into our activities. There is no requirement for an engineering degree, everyone is needed, and all are welcome.

  • Be part of inspiring children

    Sweden currently has a shortage of engineers, a profession that historically has been a very homogenous group. Because of this, EWB-SWE inform and inspire children to seek an education in engineering or technology. This is accomplished by assisting students with their studies, acting as role-models, and showing a non-conventional perspective on science, technology and engineering.

  • Personal development

    Develop your leadership and technology skills by participating in the seminars and activities we organize.

  • Be part of our network

    By getting involved, you become part of an extensive network of talented people. We are not just engineers - everyone is needed, and everyone is welcome! We are located all over Sweden with our groups in 8 different cities.

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